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900 MHz Amps

Crescend’s 900 MHz line of amplifiers is designed for use in the 928-942 MHz band and is available in 2 series: the P8 series with 80W output power and the P15 series with 140W output power.

3-year warranty.

FrequencyOutput PowerInput PowerVoltage
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Model NumberFrequency (MHz)Output Power (watts)Input Power (watts)Voltage (volts)Max Current (amps)Spec Sheet
P15-R1L1-C6-001890-942 MHz140 W0.1-0.2 W13.8 VDC42Quote
P15-R2L1-C6-001890-942 MHz140 W0.2-0.5 W13.8 VDC42Quote
P15-R5L1-C6-001890-942 MHz140 W0.5-1 W13.8 VDC42Quote
P15-1L1-C6-001890-942 MHz140 W1-2 W13.8 VDC42Quote
P15-2L1-C6-001890-942 MHz140 W2-5 W13.8 VDC42Quote
P15-5L1-C6-001890-942 MHz140 W5-10 W13.8 VDC42Quote
P15-10L1-C6-001890-942 MHz140 W10-20 W13.8 VDC42Quote
P15-20L1-C6-001890-942 MHz140 W20-50 W13.8 VDC42Quote
P8-R1L1-C5-001890-942 MHz80 W0.1-0.2 W13.8 VDC23Quote
P8-R2L1-C5-001890-942 MHz80 W0.2-0.5 W13.8 VDC23Quote
P8-R5L1-C5-001890-942 MHz80 W0.5-1 W13.8 VDC23Quote
P8-1L1-C5-001890-942 MHz80 W1-2 W13.8 VDC23Quote
P8-2L1-C5-001890-942 MHz80 W2-5 W13.8 VDC23Quote
P8-5L1-C5-001890-942 MHz80 W5-10 W13.8 VDC23Quote
P8-10L1-C5-001890-942 MHz80 W10-20 W13.8 VDC23Quote
P8-20L1-C5-001890-942 MHz80 W20-50 W13.8 VDC23Quote
P25-R2E3-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.2-0.5 W48 VDC20Quote
P25-R5E3-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.5-1 W48 VDC20Quote
P25-1E3-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W1-2 W48 VDC20Quote
P25-2E3-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W2-5 W48 VDC20Quote
P25-5E3-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W5-10 W48 VDC20Quote
P25-10E3-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W10-20 W48 VDC20Quote
P25-20E3-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W20-50 W48 VDC20Quote
P25-R2E3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.2-0.5 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-R5E3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.5-1 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-1E3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W1-2 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-2E3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W2-5 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-5E3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W5-10 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-10E3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W10-20 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-20E3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W20-50 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-R2E3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.2-0.5 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-R5E3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.5-1 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-1E3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W1-2 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-2E3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W2-5 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-5E3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W5-10 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-10E3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W10-20 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-20E3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W20-50 W220 VAC5Quote


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