Friday, February 28, 2020

Mobile Amps

Crescend's Mobile Amplifiers are designed to perform with all major OEM mobile radios. The frequency ranges now cover VHF and UHF. Standard connectors are UHF (other connector types available. Please call)

FrequencyOutput PowerInput PowerVoltage
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Model NumberFrequency (MHz)Output Power (watts)Input Power (watts)Voltage (volts)Max Current (amps)Spec Sheet
DSDTV100-R1136-174100100-200 mW 13.818Quote
DSDTV100-01136-1741001-2 W13.818Quote
DSDTV100-02136-1741002-5 W13.818Quote
DSDTV100-05136-1741005-10 W13.818Quote
DSDTV100-10136-17410010-20 W13.818Quote
DSDTV100-20136-17410020-45 W13.818Quote
DSDTUL50-02403-450501-5 W13.811Quote
DSDTUH50-02450-512501-5 W13.811Quote


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