Friday, February 28, 2020

High Power Analog/Digital Power Amplifiers for Paging and Voice Applications

These high power amplifiers offer output powers of 250 to 350 watts. Frequency ranges include VHF, UHF, and 900 MHz.  The PAs are rugged and reliable for your most demanding environments and racking is industry standard making these amplifiers easy to drop into your current system configuration.

Crescend amplifiers come standard with a three year warranty.  All amplifiers are designed and manufactured at our headquarters in Schaumburg, Illinois

FrequencyOutput PowerInput PowerVoltage
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Model NumberFrequency (MHz)Output Power (watts)Input Power (watts)Voltage (volts)Max Current (amps)Spec Sheet
P35-5E3-PS-C8-001150-174 MHz350 W5-10 W110 VAC10Quote
P35-10E3-PS-C8-001150-174 MHz350 W10-20 W110 VAC10Quote
P35-20E3-PS-C8-001150-174 MHz350 W20-50 W110 VAC10Quote
P35-50E3-PS-C8-001150-174 MHz350 W50-100 W110 VAC10Quote
P35-5E3-PS2-C8-001150-174 MHz350 W5-10 W220 VAC5Quote
P35-10E3-PS2-C8-001150-174 MHz350 W10-20 W220 VAC5Quote
P35-20E3-PS2-C8-001150-174 MHz350 W20-50 W220 VAC5Quote
P35-50E3-PS2-C8-001150-174 MHz350 W50-100 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-R2L3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.2-0.5 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-R5L3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.5-1 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-1L3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W1-2 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-2L3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W2-5 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-5L3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W5-10 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-10L3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W10-20 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-20L3-PS-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W20-50 W110 VAC10Quote
P25-R2L3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.2-0.5 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-R5L3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W0.5-1 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-1L3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W1-2 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-2L3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W2-5 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-5L3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W5-10 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-10L3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W10-20 W220 VAC5Quote
P25-20L3-PS2-C8-001928-942 MHz250 W20-50 W220 VAC5Quote