Wednesday, January 22, 2020

RTK Applications

The Crescend RTK-450 power amplifier is designed to work with the John Deere UHF RTK system. With 11dB of gain, the amplifier boosts the power level of the standard RTK system to extend range and compensate for trees, foliage and other lossy objects. LED monitoring is provided as well as I/O connections. These may be used to remotely monitor PA status as well as remotely place PA in active or bypass mode. Should the PA experience a DC power loss or go into thermal protective shutdown, the PA will automatically go into bypass mode, keeping the site on the air until it is convenient to troubleshoot 


Model NumberFrequency (MHz)Gain
Input Power (watts)Voltage (volts)Max Current (amps)Spec Sheet
P2-RTK-450450-470110.4 - 213.88Quote


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