Monday, May 27, 2019

Under Construction

Crescend is proud to introduce PrecisePower, LLC as the latest  business unit of the Crescend Holding family. The PrecisePower solution supports the industry's first high power solid state microwave generator.  These revolutionary new generators offer state-of-the-art capabilities not possible with Magnetron based generators. PrecisePower generators cover the two major ISM bands, 902-928 MHz (L-Band) and 2400-2500 MHz (S-band), based on a common hardware and software architecture. Various system sizes are available, covering 10 to 75 kWs on the L-band systems, or from 1 to 12 kW on the S-Band systems. All systems are frequency agile and capable of operating either at a single fixed frequency, or in a frequency sweep mode that can cover the entire ISM band.   More details coming soon on this page.  xxx

For information, please contact:
John  Mastela
Global Vice President
Sales & Marketing